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Great Typography Formula for Web Design »

Admittedly, we have not always done well with the typography in our web designs and we are continually working at it. One area that does not have to be as difficult to get right is “measure” or the length of a line of type.

Ideally, the measure should be somewhere between 50 and 80 characters long. We have not always followed that, unfortunately, and anything longer than 80 starts to get difficult for the viewer to read. Even this post you are reading right now does not follow that rule perfectly. Hey, I am being honest here :)

To achieve a good measure, the designer should consider adjusting the font-size and Robert Bringhurst came up with a great formula for that: Multiply the font-size by 30 to give you the acceptable measure for each line (font-size X 30 = measure). For example, if your font size is to be 12px, a good measure would be 360px.

Additionally, you could take the size of space on your design that is to contain type and divide that by 30 (font container / 30 = measure) to give you a starting point. So if your design calls for a 500px area of type, your font-size would be 17px. That, of course, is just a starting point. No one would want to read a paragraph of 17px text – yikes. You would probably want to find some ways to adjust that area in your design (pullquotes, images, etc.).
There are many rules and suggestions regarding typography in your design. This is just one area and we are going to try to post some other tips as we pick them up. We have found some really great guides and articles out there and will be compiling them into a post.


Rockmelt: Yet Another Web Browser »

Just when you thought the web browser market was saturated, someone found a spot where another one could be squeezed in.

Make a little room between Google Chrome and Opera and you can shoehorn RockMelt into the mix. Yes, another way for people to view web pages and possibly another set of standards for which web designers have to prepare.

Rockmelt does have some pretty good backing, however. Do you remember the Netscape browser from the 1990s? The founder of that company, Marc Anderson, is a backer of Rockmelt.

Not much is known about Rockmelt at the moment and their website only has a spot where you can provide your email address to be sent more information. So we will have to wait and see.

At any rate, it faces a pretty packed market that already includes the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Flock and a few others.


Web Design Articles »

We have compiled a list of our web design articles and posted them on the corporate web site.

If you are in the market for a web site, you might benefit from the article “Choosing a Professional Web Design Company” or if you are going to try your hand at designing your own site, check out the articles on “Web Design Basics” and “Common Web Design Mistakes“.

I hope they are helpful so let me know what you think. If you have an article that you would like to share or publish on the blog, drop us a line: info@crystalcoasttech.com


Valid Robots.txt File »

Here is a pretty cool tool which may save you from some robots.txt errors. Now, writing a robots.txt file is not the most difficult thing in the world, but it never hurts to check.

All you have to do it create your robots.txt file, upload it to your web server and then paste the URL (usually, http://yoursite.com/robots.txt) on Motoricerca’s web site and you will be alerted to any potential errors in your file and you will be shown how to fix them.


The Best Free Web Development Software »

Everyone loves FREE. So, here is a list of some of the best free software we have found with regards to web design and development. We personally use or have used the software listed here and none of these software makers paid us to get listed here. We did it because we are just so darn nice :).

Web Graphics

Web Development

Web Browsing

Web Safety

This concludes our list of the best free software related to web design. I am sure there will be some differing of opinions, so if you have ones that you are particularly fond of, feel free to speak up. As I mentioned in the introduction, we either use or have used all of the software on this list, so we recommend from experience :).

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