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« eEye Creates Zero-Day Tracker

I have pondered this for the past several minutes and I cannot come up with a good reason why someone did not create something like this before now. eEye Digital Security launched a web site that tracks the numerous zero-day security bugs. A zero-day flaw is one that does not yet have a patch AND has been released into the public. In hindsight, this is such a great idea and I cannot figure out why no one did this already. Maybe a site similar to eEye’s has been created and I just do not know about it (it would not be the first time I missed the train).

At any rate, if you browse over to this handy little site, you will see that 6 current zero-day vulnerabilities are being tracked, all of them targeting Microsoft products. Patch Tuesday is next week so maybe a few of them will be marked off the list.

But, Zero-Day Wednesday (the day after Patch Tuesday) will probably hold more in store, when hackers release new attacks while everyone is distracted by Tuesday’s patches. Those wacky hackers…

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