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This page will show the latest information on the Wal-Mart Supercenter proposed for Cedar Point North Carolina. You may wonder where a 125,000 square foot store could go in Cedar Point. Well, here is a link that will show you a detailed map of the Cedar Point Wal-Mart project.

Last week, the Cedar Point Planning Board recommended that the town board approve the plans if the developers are made to adhere to a more strict stormwater management plan.

Rufus Murray, Planning Board Chairman, said the stormwater plan includes controls that would exceed the state’s minimum standards;the retention ponds are to be constructed so that they could hold 7 to 10 10 inches of rainwater during a 24-hour period. That is approximately 5 times the minimum North Carolina state standard.

According to Murray, the developer has been cooperating with the town to help reduce the impact of any stormwater runoff. Cedar Point wants to limit the impact from stormwater runoff and the pollutants carried from parking lots.

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  • February 16, 2007
    Todd wrote

    It sounds as if Rufus Murray is doing a great job of ensuring the protection of the stormwater runoff and exceeding regulation requirements under NPDES. The community should applaud his efforts. The value of green building continues to grow as companies understand the profit of being green.

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