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« Automatically Write .htaccess Files

Htaccess files are a must have in the arsenal of any good web designer. They are super important for SEO and vital to the security of your website. But, if you have never heard of .htaccess files, this post is not for you. However, if you use an Apache Server configuration you probably agree that .htaccess files can sometimes be a pain.

I know people that can write them in their sleep with one hand tied behind their back while reciting the alphabet backwards and when they are done, the file works perfectly. Not always the case for me (which is why you should ALWAYS check you .htaccess file before you think you are done).

If you are not comfortable writing them from scratch, here is a great tool that will hold your hand through the entire process. All you do is fill in the details on the form, check a few boxes and viola, your .htaccess file is done.

Click here to try it

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One commentto “Automatically Write .htaccess Files”

  • August 13, 2009
    Mingus wrote

    looks cool, have to learn how to write these