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Your Domain Name – What’s In a Name? »

Sometimes people get in a hurry to register a domain name. They quickly settle on a name that makes sense to them but they don’t examine it from all angles. It is sort of like they get tunnel vision and then then end up with something that can be misinterpreted. Here are a few reason why you should spend some time selecting a domain name before you register it:

These are just a few examples illustrating the importance of carefully selecting your domain name. And you should certainly make absolutely sure it is what you want before you actually put up a site.

I remember the first domain name that I registered.  I was so proud of myself for taking the first step and I was well on my way to putting up a web site.  Then I received the “congratulations on registering your new domain name” email from the registrar.  It was then that I realized that I had left out a letter in the domain name.  Instead of crystalCOASTtech, I was the proud owner of crystalCOSTtech.  Taking a little more time to check everything would have been a good idea for me.

Thanks to Steven for posting these and lots more. Cracked me up!