Apple Safari Beta Runs on Windows PCs

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Apple is creating the new Safari Web Browser to run on Windows PCs. One can download it directly from Apple’s web site, which I did, with mixed results. I then uninstalled it after hearing about the security holes.

After I downloaded the file, I followed the installation prompts. The browser was up and running in just a few minutes. “Sweet”, I thought. However there was a problem – it did not work and I only saw a partial display of Apple’s home page, despite several refreshes. So, I uninstalled Safari and reinstalled it. Still no good and I gave up. There is probably something in Windows that is causing the problem. At any rate, it is not worth my effort. I will stick with Firefox.

Apparently, my problems aren’t the only ones that the new browser is experiencing. Only hours after its release, independent researchers found security holes. One was able to find a flaw in about three minutes that could allow a bad guy to insert malicious code on a PC. Yikes!

Another researcher generated memory corruption errors and a grand total of six bugs in one day. I guess Apple has now gotten an idea of some of the difficulties one encounters when trying to write secure applications for Windows. But, this Safari was a Beta release, after all.

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