Autodesk DWF Viewer 7.0 Issues

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Ok…so you have installed the new DWF Viewer 7.0 on your computer in record time, blindly clicking “Next”, “Yes”, “I agree” and so forth. But…you didn’t read the “Readme.txt” file. Shame, shame. You missed out on some pretty important alerts that, had you read the document, would have informed you of some of the limitations of the new DWF viewer. Now, you are wondering why your hatch patterns don’t print out correctly and you can’t view the .dwf file in IE 7.

Never fear! Scott, in his Beyond the Paper blog, has written a Reader’s Digest® version of that utterly boring document. He tells us things like:

  • What to do if you are experiencing poor video display.
  • If you are running XP SP2, you will have to disable IE’s Script debugger and how to do that.
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 is not supported.
  • and lots more.

Check out his blog for the full rundown. Maybe he could start writing all of the Readme.txt files for Autodesk. Hmmm…

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