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If a blogger posts on a blog and no one shows up to read it, why bother posting at all? How many bloggers do you know that would post every day if no one cared? Not many. In fact, unless you use your blog as an online diary, you are really hoping that people will actually read your posts, which means that you want traffic to your blog. So how do you get people to visit?

Here is a great post from Marco Richter that outlines 25 ways to increase your blog traffic. Some of his suggestions are right in line with our post on building traffic by backlinks but his post goes into much more detail. If you are just starting out on your blogging career, save yourself some time and check out his list for some great tips.

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7 thoughts on “Boost Your Blog Traffic

  1. Cheryl's Office

    I have been debating if I should start a blog to promote my office furniture business. After considering your comments I don’t think I will bother. The need to write everyday will be to difficult.

  2. Anthony

    Hi Marco,
    Your series is really thorough and I am sure it will get people going in the right direction.

    Hi Cheryl,
    Getting a blog going really does take a lot of work. But it can pay huge dividends. Imagine if you were able to sell just one of those Mayline 8-Person workstations because of your blog traffic? In addition, it will also send some traffic to your ebay store. For that matter, ebay has a blog feature of its own that you could use.

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  4. Cheryl's Office


    You have a very valid point. I guess the cost of marketing is not only my ad budget, but also the time it will take to have a quality blog. I do have access to some relevant content. I’ll give it a try. all the best to you and yours this Christmas season.

  5. Anthony

    Thanks for the well-wishes Cheryl :).

    If you are going to try your hand at blogging, I recommend signing up w/ one of the free blogging services out there –, or Ebay’s blogging service. Then, you can see how well you will like doing it.

    If you still like it after a few weeks, you should then move your blog to your domain so that Google gives that domain the credit for all the additional content you are creating. That will help your site in the rankings also. All the best – keep us posted on your progress and if you need help!

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