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If you are a webmaster interested in building backlinks to your site, you have no doubt spent plenty of time meticulously submitting your precious site to dozens of online directories. You probably have submitted to so many of them that your poor fingers howl with displeasure due to all that typing.

But, has all of that effort paid off for you? Have you noticed an increase in traffic? If not, it may be that you did not submit to the RIGHT directories. In order for this method of building backlinks to be truly effective, you need to look for high quality SEO friendly directories. But how can you find such directories? Well, we have found a website that lists the very best online directories and we want to introduce it to you. has the most comprehensive list of SEO friendly directories that we have seen. The webmaster has really spent a ton of time getting this list compiled.

When you visit this site, you will see 2 options:
1) Download the directory to your computer.
2) Use the SEO friendly directory right on Vilesilencer’s website. (we usually pick this one)

After you select your path, you will notice that the PR is listed for each online directory. This is a tremendous benefit. The higher the PR of the directory on which your site appears, the better off you will be. While PR does not carry as much weight as it used to, it does not hurt either ;).

So, check out and make sure you are submitting to quality online directories that are SEO friendly. Also, while vilesilencer does not cost anything, feel free to make a donation because I am sure there will be no objections ;).

Also, we found a great post on dosh dosh that lists several other similar directories. We have never used the ones that are on Maki’s list, but I am sure they are good also.

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