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There are so many ways to build blog traffic but in this post I am only going to mention one way (and plan on mentioning other ways in future posts).

This post will talk about something called “ping”. What if you wrote a post but nobody knew about it? No good. So, you should make sure that you setup your blog to automatically ping the numerous traffic services out there.

When you “ping” one of these services, you are basically saying “Hey, I just wrote a new post. Check it out.” That service will then go to your blog and see what you wrote. Here is a list of the services that we alert when we write a new blog post:

Wow, that certainly is a long list. The more services you are notifying, the longer it may take for your new post to appear on your blog. So you should find the correct balance.

Alternatively, you could notify Ping-o-Matic ( and knock out several services all at once. I prefer to notify these services myself, as opposed to relying on another service to notify them. I don’t know if my way is better or not, so if you have an opinion, speak up ;).

What ping services do you use? If you use some that are missing from my list above, please share with the rest of the class!

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3 thoughts on “Build Blog Traffic: Ping

  1. Rob

    Good reminder Anthony. Im curently using a free wordpress install for the blog in this url (its a long story) anyhow, it seems that wordpress sends the pings out for its users. Explains why I found no options for them as specified by technorati in any case!

    I’ll be cutting and pasting that list into a text file, thank for sharing. 🙂

  2. Anthony

    Great Rob! One error I noticed in my original post is that I have “pingomatic” in there twice. I am not sure what the repurcussions are of having the same ping service twice, but I cannot imagine that is would be ideal. So, just make sure to remove the very first ping service listed in the post and you should be good.

    Now, I am off to remove it from my WordPress right now ;).

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