Dad Sells Son’s Guitar Hero Video Game

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A Canadian father sold his son’s Guitar Hero video game on Ebay after he caught his son smoking pot w/ some looser friends. It seems that some feel the father is out of line by doing this. Some have left comments on the auction saying that he is publicly humiliating his son. Blah, blah, blah… whatever…

  • He is the father in that relationship and already demonstrated how he feels about his son by purchasing the video game in the first place – it is very hard to find and expensive.
  • His son is a juvenile and, as a rule, the father is responsible for his son’s actions.
  • The fact that his son chose to do that demonstrates that he is not able to make good life choices without parental supervision.
  • To the ones that say the father publicly humiliated his son: How publicly humiliated would the son have been had he been busted by authorities? Sure, as a juvenile his name would have been withheld, but it would not have been too hard for others to find out what happened and then spread the word.

Get over it. Good for the dad for making a stand. Everyone makes mistakes growing up and, hopefully this was a good lesson learned by the son. Had I done something like that when I was a juvenile, my dad selling my video game would have been the least punishment I would have gotten 🙂 .

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