Dell Offers 802.11n Wireless Card

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Evidently, Dell is tired of waiting for approval of the proposed 802.11n wireless standard. Currently, the draft of that standard is bogged down in review and may or may not be ratified in our lifetime.

So, Dell has taken matters into their own hands and released an 802.11n wireless card. They say it will support data rates of up to 270 megabits per second (if you currently use an 802.11g card, you are getting about 54 megabits per second). However, most experts say you should expect about 150 Mbps as a rule. That is still 3 times better than the current 802.11g spec.

Additionally, Dell says that their new card will work with existing “g” routers and deliver approximately 50% better transfer rates. A word of caution: The 802.11n standard is not yet approved. Dell is taking a chance by “jumping the gun”. So, buyer beware. However, Dell addressed that concern and stated that any future changes to the new wireless standard could be fixed in software updates of the new card.

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