“Do Not Track” Cookie Coming Soon

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Imagine surfing the internet with the option to choose whether to allow internet advertising companies to track your surfing habits on a particular website?

This might come true in the near future, in fact very soon. Some US independent privacy support groups, together with consumer bodies are seeking to create an opt-out list for internet users who don’t want to be tracked by internet advertising companies.

This idea is also being supported by Center for Democracy and Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Consumer Federation of America.

Currently in the US, there is a “Do Not Call” list which prevents phone advertising agencies to do cold calling to households. The “Do Not Track” option aims to be something similar to its counterpart through the phone medium.

The “Do Not Track” cookie might just bring the following benefits soon:

  • Internet advertising agencies would be prohibited to collect and use critical information such as health and financial related information
  • Independent auditing companies are required to audit to ensure the behavioral tracking activites to uphold privacy standards
  • Safer environment to surf the internet without someone in the background tracking the users’ activities

Afterall, its all about making consumers even more aware of just how much is being tracked.

via BBC.co.uk

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