Domain Listings Scam

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Whether you have an actual website or just a domain name, you have likely received something in the mail that looks like an invoice. If it looks like the image here and you pay it, congratulations. You just got scammed.

Why Is This a Scam?

Website Listing Service Scam

Website Listing Service Scam

The image here is an example of one of these invoices that was sent to one of our clients. Fortunately, she listened to the advice we give all clients when we start working with them: If you ever get any solicitation by phone, email or mail and it’s in reference to your website, internet marketing or your domain name and you’re not 100% sure that it is legitimate, contact us before you respond so that we can take a look at it to make sure you’re not being scammed. (Good job, Laura!)

To the unsuspecting recipient, the invoice could look totally legitimate. It will probably have an official looking logo. It will likely have the company’s return address. They will also show your ‘account number’ (I mean, that HAS to be real, right?). In the example sent to our client, it even indicated that the company was Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (more on that in a minute).

So how can we be sure this bill is deceptive? Well, here are a few red flags that should make you pause:

  1. Do you remember signing up with this company? If not, that’s the first red flag.
  2. No phone number shown for the company on the invoice. If you had a question for them about your bill, how are you supposed to contact them? Think about the genuine invoices that you receive. Don’t they typically show a phone number that you can call with questions? Of course they do. Strike two.
  3. BBB ListingBut wait, they’re BBB Accredited, right? Well, let’s explore that by checking their listing on the Better Business Bureau’s website. What domain-listings likely did is paid the BBB for accreditation when they started their scam. This enhanced their credibility for a while as they sent out these invoices. Then complaints to the BBB started coming in and the BBB revoked their accredited status but domain-listings still kept using the BBB image on their mailings. Very sneaky but strike three.

If going through those steps still doesn’t convince you that the invoice is fake, you can always use your favorite search engine and search for topics like “domain name listing scam” or “internet listing scam” and read through the thousands of results. You’ll even see some comments from people who blindly paid the invoice and later found out they had unknowingly relinquished ownership of their domain name!

Doing a search, I found some posts that show this company has been scamming unsuspecting website and domain name owners for years! This post from Techeffex is from 2013 and here’s an even older one from Andrew Miller with Workshop Digital. It’s from 2011! Wow.

Bottom Line

If you get one of these invoices and you pay it, that means you ran right through several red flags and fell for a scam. The company is not doing anything illegal. Unethical, yes, but not technically illegal (I’m not an attorney so there may be a law against this practice. Feel free to correct me below). So your best defense as a business owner is to use your head.

This means consumer beware. Do your research and contact your web designer / developer and let them take a look. If you don’t have a web designer, contact us or leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to take a look for you.

If you have stories of your own, share them below. The more we can get the word out, the harder it will be for companies like them to scam the rest of us out of our hard-earned money.

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16 thoughts on “Domain Listings Scam

  1. Chris Jude

    Only thing is to keep them at bay with our intuition and alertness. One such scam which is currently circulating with malware is watsapp gold. Be alert guys.

    1. CCT Post author

      So glad that you didn’t get scammed, Linda! Great job on checking it out before sending them a payment! Well done 🙂

  2. DeanaS

    Thanks for the information! Just received one of their invoices today. They have removed the BBB accreditation and added contact information for inquires – website, email & phone number. They must be reading your blog also.

  3. Carmine

    I thought it was a scam. Your confirmation was helpful. Reduced stress.

    It is important to spread the info. But should such cases not be penalized in some fashion?


    1. CCT Post author

      Great job checking it out before sending them anything, Carmine. As you said, spreading the info is important. Preventing people from sending them money may be the best “penalty”.

  4. Nick

    Their new invoice is a solicitation. They clearly state that they are trying to solicit you. They now claim to enhance your website exposure and to expose you to new customers.

    I still assume this is a scam, but hopefully people actually read the letter to see that it states “This is not a Bill.” in bold letters. This looks like a bill, and I can see how someone could just pay it without digging further. It is a couple hundred and could easily be paid without even knowing what it is.

    1. CCT Post author

      Ahh, it seems they’ve changed things up a bit. Like you said, hopefully people will dig further before deciding to send any money. Good job checking it out first, Nick!

  5. Kevin

    Thanks for the confirmation. I thought it was a scam. My invoice didn’t have the BBB logo and did have a phone number. However, when I tried to go to their website, I got this:
    The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy.

    1. CCT Post author

      Sure thing, Kevin! Good job being cautious and checking into it first. Thanks for the updated info about the domain name too.

  6. Karen

    I also thought it was a scam. I did google it and sent a copy to our IT department to inquire. They also said it was a scam and not to pay. Thanks for your blog!


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