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We try to post about free and low-cost software that we find specifically related to web development and graphic design, etc.  Recently, we found a pretty cool little coding tool from squarefree.com. It is a real-time HTML code editor.   It is handy if one is trying to learn the HTML basics because they will be able to see instant results in a split-screen format.  Enter the HTML code in the top section of the screen and the bottom of the screen will show you how your code will be displayed in a web browser.

So, if you are a noob (PS. You are a noob if you do not know what a noob is) and you want to wet your feet with a little HTML coding, check it out.  Plus, it is free to use 🙂 .

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  1. Jason

    Hey Anthony,

    Just had to stop by and say nice job on the Mc Daddy’s site. It looks very sharp. I’m sure they’re pleased.


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