Firefox Memory Leak

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It may just be me, but is Firefox having some memory leak issues? I have noticed it over the past few weeks and today it has finally forced me to exclusively use my second favorite browser – Opera, which is a super browser in its own right.

When I fire up Firefox, immediately 50Mb gets sucked up, which is way more than the amount of memory Opera uses (only 20Mb) and is more than even, dare I say, Explorer (30Mb).

So, I exported my bookmarks from Firefox and imported them into Opera.

No, I am installing the Opera versions of my favorite Firefox extensions.

With all the programs that I usually have open at a given time – Outlook (yes, I use Outlook – it syncs with my PocketPC – back off), Google Reader, usually Photoshop and sometimes AutoCad – I like to have maximum ram at my disposal. That means, Firefox has to be shelved until I can figure out why it is being such a memory hog, or they put out a patch and Opera is the new browser of choice.

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