Google Malware Warning System Glitch?

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Ok, maybe it was just me, but earlier today any search through Google displayed the malware warning below the returned result.

First, my wife and I were searching for Petsmart and my wife noticed this warning:

I thought that was odd, but large sites have been hacked before.  So maybe they were having some problems.  However, as we searched for other things, we saw that same warning below every listing in Google, no matter what the search phrase was.  We even searched for “google maps” through Google’s search and here is what we got:

If we attempted to click on any of the returned search results, including the one that would take us to, we got this warning:

In the process of doing more troubleshooting, it seems that the glitch worked itself out.  I wonder if anyone else noticed these issues.  Shout back if you have a second.

I am guessing that the errors we saw were a result of one of these situations:

1 – Google Malware Reporting was experiencing some type of glitch and was erroneously flagging every site as potentially dangerous.

2 – I have gotten some type of virus that is somehow playing around with something hidden in someplace I have yet to discover.

3 – Every site on the Internet (including was briefly infected with some type of malware and Google was dutifully warning everyone.

Hmm.  Thinking.  Thinking.

I am hoping it was #1 🙂

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