Google Webmaster Console Adds Backlink Feature

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The next time you check your Google Webmaster Console, you will see a new feature which will show some of the backlinks that point to your domain. After much brainstorming by the Google Webmaster Console team, the finally decided to call the feature, umm… Links.

Links will show webmasters some of the external backlinks that point to their both the top level domain and the internal pages of their web site. It will also show the web site’s internal links.

This new backlink tool will not show all of the backlinks that Google has found, but it will show more backlinks than you will see when using the “link:” command.

You can also download the backlink list in CSV format and then dig into all that link-love data.

Webmasters have long wanted something that would show the backlinks to their web site right in the webmaster console and now Google has delivered. The number of backlinks shown should increase as time goes by, so check it often.

Also, just because a backlink shows up in your list, don’t assume that it carries backlink weight ;).

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