What Kind of Moron Would Shoot a Swan?

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This post is certainly not technology related, but I cannot help but wonder about the thought process of some people.

According to a report from Wilmington NC television station WECT, some residents are saying that hunters are shooting Swans in Hewlett’s Creek.  These Swans are the kind that children feed with bread crumbs, in some cases they will eat right out of your hand.  Shooting an animal like that is wrong on so many levels:

  1. The animal does not fear humans and so cannot distinguish the threat.  So they are not really “hunting”, are they?
  2. It is illegal to shoot animals in Wilmington City Limits.
  3. It’s a Swan – it is not like they are killing a wild boar or a bear.  I suppose these guys need something that presents a little less of a challenge.

The residents that say they have witnessed Swans being shot also say that the hunters are covering up their boat numbers so that they cannot be identified.  Evidently, they know that what they are doing is wrong and would probably be embarrassed to get caught.

Hopefully, the residents will get some evidence on camera.

If you are one of the “hunters” who shoot animals as they innocently swim close to you, please leave a comment because there are lots of people who would love to see if you can create a complete sentence with your words 🙂 .

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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Moron Would Shoot a Swan?

  1. DJ

    Making a blanket statement that swan hunting is wrong and swan hunters are idiots seems short-sighted and narrow-minded. Serious, legitimate waterfowl hunters don’t shoot swans in the kind of setting to which you refer. There is nothing wrong with hunting. Hunting is an important tool for wildlife management (http://www.fws.gov/hunting/). Just because something is aesthetically pleasing and conjurs certain fairy tale notions from childhood, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be hunted and eaten. I love the way deer look… so cute, fuzzy, adorable. I hate the thought of killing them… but boy does venison taste good when it’s cooked properly! Not to mention, it feeds many families who don’t have the money to buy beef in the grocery store (as does duck, swan, loon, etc etc).

    Honestly, I know almost nothing about swan hunting, in particular; but I have good friends who hunt swan, among many other waterfowl species… and they are neither evil nor illiterate/stupid.

    Ok on another note… I went to your website to provide feedback about one of your websites. I went to the Mac Daddy’s website to get fee information, but there wasn’t any. So I figured I’d call. You (or whomever designed the website) forgot to include a phone number ANYWHERE on the site. You may want to add that or suggest it to Mac.

    Finally, when I looked around your website, I couldn’t find anything about “who” y’all are. There’s an “about” section, but it’s very impersonal, especially considering you have a blog with a variety of issues discussed. When I choose people with whom to do business, I like to know who I’m dealing with… specifically… not just as a company.

    Well, that’s it. Thank you for your time,

  2. Anthony

    Wow – that sure was a big comment. Thanks 🙂

    It was not a blanket statement about hunting. The post was addressing the issue of hunters covering up the numbers on their boats and illegally hunting within the city limits. Surely, you are not defending that. The post did not saying anything about the perfectly acceptable practice of legally hunting Swans, or whatever is the hunter’s preference.

    We are also making several changes to mac daddy’s site, including adding the phone number – that was a definite oversight – 252-393-2313 is it in case you were really interested in that, but you might have already mentioned that to them when you filled out their website contact form.

    Putting up everyone’s bios on the site with pictures – yeah that would probably be best, just not a priority at the moment.

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