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This just in, in an unofficial capacity. Despite the violence at several polling stations, the final ballots have been counted and The Internet’s Number One Blogger … (drum roll) …is…. (drum roll stops suddenly) Dean Hunt from Deano’s World – Internet Marketing, Madrid, Life, SEO & More. (crowd goes wild).

Of course, this is all fun and games and Matt Cutts is filing a protest :). As long as the current results stand, or until someone manipulates the Google results 🙂 – congratulations to Dean, official/unofficial World’s Number One Blogger (speech, speech).

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4 thoughts on “Internet’s Number One Blogger

  1. Dean Hunt

    I really enjoyed your post.

    Glad to see you took it with the humour that was intended.

    I also got a hit from google for “Why is Dean Hunt such a cock?”

    So I probably shouldn’t read too much into it 😉


  2. Administrator

    OMG! The Internet’s #1 blogger posted on my humble site! OMG (does my hair look ok?). I really enjoy your blog so keep it up! (PS, you don’t even rank #1 for “Why is Dean Hunt such a cock?” so we gotta work on that ;)).

  3. Dean Hunt

    I am aiming to break into the top 3 for “Why is Dean Hunt such a cock?”, but one step at a time 😉

    But Google will probably read this page and see the term “Why is Dean Hunt such a cock?” mentioned four times, so that means perhaps now YOU will rank for “Why is Dean Hunt such a cock?” ahhhh, that’s five times.

    Does this mean you will have to change your name to Dean Hunt?

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