Is Your Web Site in the Sandbox?

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I have been in the search engine optimization field for close to 2 years and the most commonly asked question by clients is:

Why is my website not listed in any search engine and not ranked?

Google SandboxI have always tried my best answering this question, coming up with 101 theories and saying things like “Google algorithms are working on it”, etc., etc. Now, I don’t need to worry about “lying” about the answer because I have found the perfect answer for the clients.

Check out this article written by WebmasterBrain about sharing 10 Effective Methods to Bypass The Google Sandbox.

You will learn things like:

  1. What is Google Sandbox?
  2. Does Google Sandbox really exist?
  3. Who does the Sandbox affects?
  4. How long are the websites sandboxed?

Read more of the article here.

Now this certainly does not mean that the Sandbox can be blamed for ALL cases of a web site failing to rank because there are dozens of factors involved in the placement of a site. When a web site doesn’t rank well or doesn’t rank at all, sometimes it means that you should examine your SEO efforts instead of blaming it on the Google Sandbox.

If you would like for us to take a look at your web site and see if improvements can be made, contact us and we will take a look.

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