Microsoft Offering Web Analytics With Gatineau

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gatineau.jpgMicrosoft is finally getting ready to launch Gatineau, its version of Google Analytics.

Tamar blogged about this back in January and there are all types of screenshots from the lucky few that have been able to get a sneak peek. Microsoft’s Gatineau web site is setup to accept applications, though it will cost you $5.

I’m sure it will be great to run Google Analytics and Gatineau in a side-by-side comparison, but I will stick with Analytics for now, save my $5 and wait for some feedback from other bloggers. Based on the screenshots and the other information out there, Gatineau does look really cool, however.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Offering Web Analytics With Gatineau

  1. penny stock tips

    ya nice blog, Always Google making new things . Like now they introduce Gatineau- Google Analytics, After i read your blog only i have cum to know about this . first thanks for your informative blog . but as you said $5 we should pay for this. This is make little feel. Anyway we will wait and see, surely we will get solution for this problems .
    have a nice day

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