Mozilla Thinning the Add-On Herd

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If you haven’t checked Mozilla’s add-on site lately for new Firefox or Thunderbird goodies, you better get over there before Monday. Mozilla has announced that it will re-launch the always popular add-on site Monday and there will be some pretty big changes.

They are going to reduce the roughly 2,000 Firefox and Thunderbird add-ons down to a few hundred. Mozilla plans to get rid of some of the less popular and the ones that are no longer maintained and updated by their creator.

They are also going to setup a plan where users can nominate extensions for inclusion in the main add-on listing. That sounds like a pretty cool idea. Some add-ons don’t exactly work perfectly or they have little glitches like memory leaks :(. Since the developers create the add-on and make it available for free, understandably they do not always have time to update their work or fix these little glitches. So, it seems like this voting system will ensure that only the best are available.

Mozilla users love the ability to add special functionality to their web browser or email program a few clicks of the mouse. That is one of the things that makes Mozilla products so great and made them the hottest around! Hopefully, this add-on re-launch will only enhance that warm & fuzzy Mozilla feeling :).

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