NetBeans v5.5 Launched!

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Yes! Netbeans version 5.5 has been released!

InfoWorld names NetBeans “Best Java IDE Innovator” in 2007 Technology of the Year awards

Personally, I feel NetBeans itself is a very powerful Java IDE by itself. No other free editor could ever allow you to use GUI to create your splash screen for J2ME applications within minutes!

NetBeans IDE has been around for 7 seven years, it is truly open-source software and is backed by thriving communities at the backend. It is fully sponsored by Sun Microsystems and the editor is well-liked all over the world from students to working professionals.

NetBeans features can save hundreds of hours of developer time and accelerate application availability!

With NetBeans v5.5 launch, you are in for a very wonderful treat! With so much added functions included free, you shouldn’t be whining about its disadvantages. Here are some features added into version 5.5:

  • Multiple Tool and Protocol Integration Provides Reasons for Migration
  • Ease of Use Across the Development Lifecycle
  • NetBeans Manages SOA Complexity
  • Modeling Support Improves Developer Productivity
  • Promoting Best Practices for Group Productivity
  • Built for the Speed of Development

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