Pittsburgh Steelers Disappointing

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I am a die hard Steelers fan, have been for 35 years, but their inconsistent play this year has led me to feel sorry for them.

They lost to the Jets and the Broncos. They lost to the Cardinals and nearly lost to the lowly Dolphins, (who won their first game of the season Sunday beating the Ravens – woo hoo!) beating them 3-0.

They were absolutely manhandled by the Patriots and after that pathetic game, I though for sure they would come out and be very physical against the Jaguars. Well, I was wrong. Here are a few of my observations:

  • The Jaguars’ defensive line spent almost as much time in the backfield as Ben Rothlisberger. They pushed the Steelers’ offensive line around like a toy boat in a swimming pool.
  • Early in the game, facing a 3rd and 2 on their side of the field, did they handoff to the league’s number one rusher? Nope. Instead, they decided to attempt a 15 yard pass play on a day too windy to even fly a kite. Result of the play: Incompletion and then a punt into that aforementioned wind.
  • The Steelers’ blitzes are getting NO pressure on opposing Quarterbacks. Zero sacks. Either fix the problem or stop blitzing so much because it ain’t working. Better yet, here’s a thought, drop those blitzers into coverage so they can, um, cover the opponent’s receivers. Then, you might not give up so many big plays like you have been doing lately.
  • The Steelers seem to be game planning for an 8 to 10 minute game because they usually are playing a pretty good first quarter. The problem with that is that the average NFL game is 60 minutes long and require a little more planning. Some games are even longer, like the one they had against the Jets. But if you are playing a sorry team like the Jets, you should be able to beat them pretty handily anyway and that means you could take a few plays off and should not need a 60 minute plan.

All of a sudden, their once stingy run defense has more holes than a sponge. Special teams have been anything but and should have their name changed to “below average” teams.

Their remaining games are against the Rams, winners of 3 games this year, and a “sure-to-be-very- angry-because-they-lost-to-the-Dolphins” Ravens team.

Prediction – the Steelers will lose a close game to the Rams as Jackson piles up lots of yardage on the ground and will get demolished by the Ravens because Baltimore will treat that game as their Super Bowl. Cleveland will win their final two games, win the AFC North Division and put the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Even if I am wrong and the Steelers make the playoffs, they will most likely have to play on the road against the Chargers, Browns, Jaguars, Colts or the *gulp* Patriots. With the way they are playing right now, they could not beat any one of those teams and so will get knocked out in the first round.

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