Reduce Image Size Before E-mailing

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Here is a quick tip that will let Microsoft Windows automatically reduce the size of your photo before emailing it. This assumes that you don’t have any other image editing program to edit the image (Photoshop, Paint, etc.).

In order for this to work, you have to be sending the email from your computer using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express:

  1. Browse to the location where you have saved the original picture that you want to email.
  2. Right-click on the image file with your mouse.
  3. Select “Send To -> Mail Recipient” (See image 1).
  4. In the next popup box, select “Make all my pictures smaller” (See image 2).

Depending on your default mail settings, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express will then open and your automatically compressed picture will be attached to an email ready for you to address and send.

Another great tool you could use is an online image resizer like Quickthumb. Browse your computer, upload the image, select the options to resize and “Resize it”. Super easy.

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