Search Engine Market Share for October

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According to a comScore release, Google has made one of the largest single-month jumps in Search Engine market share. In September, Google fielded about 57% of U.S. online searches. But in October, their percentage increased to 58.5%.This translates to Google handling 6.1 Billion of the 10.5 Billion tracked U.S. Internet searches. That is why their stock has gone through the roof and is expected to go even higher.

All of this data does not bode well for the other Search Engines. MSN has said they are shooting to be the number two player in the market in three to five years and Barry Diller said over a year ago that is planning to make strides in Search as well.

Here is a sweet Flash graphic for all you visual people out there. Mouseover it.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”200″ width=”200″ /]Adapted from a pie chart that we downloaded from krazydad. What a great job!

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