Sony Mylo First Impressions

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Well, there are a few that have grabbed a Sony Mylo and have given their impressions. Andy over at VoIP Watch apparently had an extra $350 laying around (must be nice, Andy ;)) and so went out and purchased one. He gives a very thorough Sony Mylo review on his blog. This was an especially nice move for Andy because he already subscribes to T-Mobile, so starting in November, he gets 1 year WiFi access for free at T-Mobile Hotspots.
Then there is Jim at Skype Journal. He one-upped Andy and got his Sony Mylo without paying a dime. Yes, he gets to “review” it and report his findings (really must be nice, Jim ;)). Jim, do you get to keep the Mylo? You can read his review on his blog also.
As word gets out about this little communicator, more and more people will have comments, I am sure. If you get one, let us know about it. Do you like the WiFi access? How’s the VoIP quality? How’s the Mylo’s speed? In the meantime, if you want to read some great reviews, hop over to the above mentioned blogs and check them out.

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