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We, like most blog owners, get TONS of spammy comments from bottom-feeders just looking to get an easy backlink. Every few days, I wade through all kinds of comments about pictures of some famous person or pills to enhance certain parts of my anatomy. Sometimes I chuckle at the spelling and sentence structure of these comments. Obviously, the comments are either 1) not originating from an English speaking country OR 2) the person leaving the comment IS from an English speaking country, but dropped out of school after 3rd grade.

However, today I received a spam comment from a web design company located in California. It seems that this particular web design company has either hired a spammer to flood blogs with spammy comments in hopes of getting some cheap backlinks to their site OR they lack the mental power to put an intelligent comment into words. Not sure which.

The sad part of this situation is not the fact that these guys/girls are resorting to spammy tactics to get the word out about their business; the sad part is that these guys/girls are in the business of getting other businesses on the Internet and would probably use these same techniques on their client’s sites (and their client’s would end up paying for it in the long run). Web design companies are entrusted with developing their client’s online image which can be seen by the entire world. So, if a web design company has to resort to these kinds of spammy tactics to get the word out about their own business, how much confidence can their clients have that they will be able to successfully market their business online?

This illustrates the importance of knowing with whom you are dealing because almost anyone can put up a web site these days, but that is only part of the Internet equation. How that site is presented and cared for after it is up and running is more important because it affects things long term. If your web design company does not take that into consideration, you might be paying for it later.

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