Yahoo! Rolls Out Web Analytics Beta

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Five months after acquiring web analytics company Index Tools, Yahoo! has announced that they are launching Web Analytics Beta. That is actually a pretty quick turnaround, I think. There is quite a bit of work involved in platform modification. Maybe the threatened mutiny by Yahoo! shareholders fanned the flames 🙂 .

Currently, the Beta version is only released for use by a targeted group:

  • Yahoo! Store
  • Yahoo! Developers (Y!OS)
  • Yahoo! Head Advertisers (Microsites)

If you do not fall into at least one of those categories, “No soup for you”.  You will have to be patient and wait your turn.

Drag and drop report customizationYou can, however, visit the Yahoo! Web Analytics website and signup to receive updates and get a sneak peek at some screenshots of the dashboard.

Dennis Mortenson explains on his blog:

…this is not a free-for-all-come-and-get-it launch, but a carefully planned controlled access launch, which will keep all of our functionality in place and even enhance it. There is no dumbing down of the tool in any of the engagements above – and we will be working hard to add to the list of customers who can get access. So expect the above list to grow rapidly over the course of 2008.

Michael Stebbins also reported on this on his web analytics blog, which is a must read.

Until everything is released to the masses, we will just have to wait and keep using Google Analytics and ClickTracks.

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo! Rolls Out Web Analytics Beta

  1. Jon

    Congratulations to Dennis and Yahoo! on the integration. ClickTracks has also been doing some integrations and is now a part of Lyris HQ.

  2. Frank J

    It’s still in closed beta unless you were a customer of Index Tools prior. I have signed up to receive updates, but still have not heard any word for almost 6 months.

    Another Yahoo flop!

  3. Anthony

    It seems that way. It is a shame because it really looks like it could provide some great data! Thanks for stopping by Frank.

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