YouTube Gives Backlinks to Your Website

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link to your website as seen on youtube

YouTube has added a new ‘As Seen On’ link that will reward websites that send traffic to YouTube.  When a website embeds a video on one of their pages and that sends a high enough amount of traffic to YouTube, the site will get a little recognition and maybe a little traffic as well.

The new backlink feature won’t help your site rank better in Google because it will be nofollow-ed, but it could introduce your web site to a new audience and could help send some traffic love back to you and reward you for your blog readership building efforts.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Gives Backlinks to Your Website

  1. Dave

    I think this is a neat addition to youtube. Gives a bit more incentive to using the videos on things like your blog site.

  2. Lou Storiale

    I like the feature, could easily drive traffic to a website, although perhaps not qualified traffic.

    Since Google’s algorithm logs inbound links how can we be sure that it isn’t counting those links back to the site as an inbound link OR does Google only count one of the inbound links from a YouTube video details page?

  3. Anthony

    Since the links from YouTube are ‘nofollow-ed’, Google is not going to give any weight to the backlink in terms of website ranking. Basically, the link is just a good way to get some new visitors to your website and give them a chance to poke around while they are there.

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