Advantages of CAD DWF vs. DWG

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In case you are still sending those huge .dwg files for others to view, here are a few reasons why you should instead be sending those neat little compact .dwf files instead:

1 – DWF is an as-plotted view of a DWG. There’s no need for Object Enablers, x-refs, special fonts, etc. As such, many reprography shops accept DWF files directly like plot files.

2 – DWF can contain an entire project’s worth of drawings, especially easy when using AutoCAD 2006 to publish a single DWF from a collection or sheet set of DWG files.

3 – DWF does not depend on which versions of AutoCAD may be in use across team members. The free Autodesk DWF Viewer reads all DWF files past and present. The free Autodesk DWF Viewer is typically a smaller download and footprint than DWG viewers.

4 – DWF files provide a basis for archiving legacy data. The DWF files capture original “as printed” record documents that anyone can access easily – now and in the future.

5 – DWF is a read-only, secure file format.

6 – DWF is a smaller, more compressed file format than native DWG files, making them easier to transmit over the web. This is particularly pertinent when attaching files through email.

Check out Scott Sheppard’s blog for more reasons, if you are still not convinced.

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