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Symbian Mobile OS Targeted

Jul 7, 2010

Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones running the Symbian OS could be vulnerable to a new botnet virus.

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Animal Planet Hoarders

Apr 28, 2010

A hoarding case in Jacksonville NC was covered by Animal Planet and the Carteret County Animal Shelter was called upon to provide shelter for some of ...

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Leatherheads Movie Review OR How I Wasted an Hour

Oct 6, 2008

My wife and I wanted to rent a movie and do the “home body” thing this past weekend, so Friday I went to our local video store to see what...

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How to change your email Send/Receive settings

May 6, 2008

Many times you may wonder why you have to click on the Send/Receive button to get your email. Shouldn’t it be automatic? Yes, it should be, but ...

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Top 10 Security Tips For Your Small Business Part 2

May 1, 2008

To continue our Top 10 list of simple (and mostly free) security tips for your small business. 7. Watch out for email attachments Email attachments ca...

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What exactly is Adware

May 1, 2008

To continue our journey into the land of annoying pop-ups and information stealing software, let’s talk about Adware. Adware is in the same group as...

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The Importance of Data Backups

May 1, 2008

These days almost any business large or small has some type of important electronic data that they rely on. Whether it be email, financial, or basic d...


Setting up your PC to Allow for Remote Tech Support

May 1, 2008

Many times we will be able to fix a software problem you may be having from right here in the office. Using a program called Crossloop, with your perm...

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HP Desktop and Laptop Deals

Apr 21, 2008

HP puts out great products that cover almost any application you need, from the Home User, to Small Office all the way up to Enterprise applications. ...


North Carolina Tar Heels ACC Champions

Mar 16, 2008

I know that this post is not technology related, but it is my blog and I can post what I want 🙂 . Couple today’s Tar Heel victory over the Cl...

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Tech Blog Pagerank is Back

Feb 4, 2008

I happened to notice that at some point over the past few days, our pagerank was restored to the tech blog. That is good news, I guess. My main concer...


Cool Tech

Jan 5, 2008

File this in the “Wow, the World is a Small Place” category: I ran across this site the other day. It lists public Internet camera feeds f...


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