Bluetooth Headsets Causing Hearing Loss?

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Last year, there was a lawsuit (maybe more than one, I am not sure) alleging that the Motorola Bluetooth headset causes hearing loss (here is a link to the PDF court document courtesy of Mae at TMCnet).

These are the little earpieces that work with your cell phone and that everyone seems to be using these days. I, however, cannot bring myself to plunk down $50 to get one, so I still use my little $4.95 plug-in special and fight with the cord ;).

At any rate, Brian at the Wireless blog posted about another lawsuit in Miami, Fla. claiming that Bluetooth headsets in general cause hearing loss.

This lawsuit is not just going after Motorola Bluetooth headsets – it is targeting lots of them. It appears that the makers of these things have failed to warn consumers of the health risks 8O. Are you serious? What do you think is going to happen when you put something right into your ear canal?

This is exactly the reason why the simplest purchase these days comes with a manual filled with lawyer jargon. I wonder if they have warned consumers that reading the entire manual could cause eyestrain and a headache….hmmmm.

Kind of off-topic but, when I was growing up, we had Yard-Darts. Do you remember those things? OMG they were fun! There was no warning of any kind saying that you should not throw them AT anyone. There was no need, everyone knew what would happen.

I also rode in a car that had a METAL dashboard! Everyone knew what would happen when your head collides with metal. You just had to use common sense, which has become rather uncommon these days.

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