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Linux Iphone Killer On Way!

Feb 19, 2007

The New Neo1973 is causing some buzz around the web, and it very well should. Linux is one of the best known open-source software platforms around the...

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Skype and Symantec Partner Up

Feb 8, 2007

Symantec has announced that they are teaming up with Skype (our favorite VoIP :)) to offer small office and home office users a way to protect their c...

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Bluetooth Headsets Causing Hearing Loss?

Jan 24, 2007

Last year, there was a lawsuit (maybe more than one, I am not sure) alleging that the Motorola Bluetooth headset causes hearing loss (here is a link t...

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Use Skype and Get Paid

Dec 21, 2006

Bitwine has partnered up with Skype (free VoIP service through the end of this year – $14.95 per year thereafter) to offer the BitWine Taskbar S...

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No Worm for Skype

Dec 19, 2006

This is great news to me. Earlier today, we posted about possible worm that was impacting Skype. However, it now seems that the first reports of that ...

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Skype Has Worms?

Dec 19, 2006

In case you are new to our blog, we LOVE Skype because it allows subscribers to make FREE calls from computer to computer AND free calls (until the en...

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Free Skype is Over This Month

Dec 13, 2006

I have been using Skype to make calls from my PC (and my Ipaq with Skype for Pocket PC) to any other North American phone for free since it was first ...

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WiFi Cellphones

Nov 27, 2006

There has been allot of talk lately about WiFi enabled cellphones. I, personally, am not ready to jump on board just yet. I have some concerns about s...

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Sony Mylo First Impressions

Oct 16, 2006

Well, there are a few that have grabbed a Sony Mylo and have given their impressions. Andy over at VoIP Watch apparently had an extra $350 laying arou...

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Babble – Another Free VoIP Service

Sep 3, 2006

Just ran across Babble which offers a similar package as Skype. Free calls to landlines from your computer. However, they are slightly different. Your...

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Test Your VoIP Speed

Jul 26, 2006

Jim at Skype Journal turned us on to a great VoIP tool. The next time you are in a hotel or a coffeeshop that offers WiFi, click over to MyVoIPSpeed a...


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