Botnets Are Fun

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If you believe that, you probably also believe that there is a Prince in another country that needs your help to secretly move millions of dollars out of his village before he is killed.

No, botnets are not fun and you absolutely need to protect yourself from them. Here is one great way to keep yourself safe (or at least safer):

Don’t leave your computer running 24/7
In this age of speed, many do not want to wait for their computers to boot up every time they want to use them. They want to move the mouse and have it spring to life – ready to go. While that is handy at times, a computer that is “always on” is more prone to hacker attack. If you have accidentally become the latest member of a botnet, the herder is counting on you leaving your computer running so they can make use of your connection remotely. Shutting the computer off severs that connection.

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