Common Web Design Mistakes

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The web is full of examples of poor design. There are even some popular, high traffic web sites that, in my opinion, have some design flaws that could be corrected. And I will certainly be the first to admit that I have made my share of mistakes. In fact, we have a few personal sites that will be fixed as soon as we get the time.

But I think that if we all were doing the same things we did 5 years ago, we would be failing to learn and when you are dealing with the ever-changing technology of the Internet, there is always something to learn and always ways to improve.

So, I am writing down some quick tips that are a result of things we have learned over the years. Some of these tips will be a result of mistakes that we have made and some of them are web design tips and tricks that we have piked up from the bounty of web design experts out there.

Web Design Article SeriesWhen you see this graphic, that is an indicator that you are reading a tip in the series. Feedback is always appreciated and if you have a tip of your own, feel free to mention that as well.

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