Firefox is Running Slow

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I have noticed that Firefox seems to be running slow for me lately, painfully slow in some cases. The only thing that I have done differently (that comes to mind, anyway) is that I started using Google Reader.

I really like Google Reader but I hope that it is not the culprit. Previous to Google Reader, I used Sharp Reader. That was a very nice little standalone program and I (gulp) may have to switch back.

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4 thoughts on “Firefox is Running Slow

  1. joy

    I’ve had FF 2.0 up and die on me on both Mac OS (home) and WinXP (work).

    I don’t use an external RSS reader – what I do think is happening though is that there’s some sort of memory leak. For instance on my Mac, if FF doesn’t die on a multimedia Web site with lots of crap on it, I have to restart it every couple of days – because it just slows down. My other apps running on my Mac don’t seem to have that issue.

  2. Bryan

    This is so weird! I noticed it when I installed NewsFire, so I switched over to Google Reader…does the same thing.

    I actually started using Safari more, because of the problem; which is a pain.

  3. Anthony

    Hey Bryan
    That post was old, but I am still seeing that FF is running slow lately. I am sure the number of Firefox plugins impact its performance. Some of them do not get updated regularly and that HAS to make a difference (and I agree that Safari is a pain – 🙂 ).

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