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Well, I can’t say I was too happy about this. As you know, or do now, we LOVE Firefox. Those addons, those skins, those sweet security features …love it! But, here is something everyone needs to be aware of – evidently there is a problem with the Password Manager for Firefox. alerted us to it in a post today:

The flaw allows a maliciously crafted page to auto-fill a form with credentials intended for another site. Apparently, there is no warning in Firefox 2.0 or previous versions that the credentials are being pulled for the wrong site and submitted to a third party.

Yikes! It appears that this has been an issue know by Mozilla for 10 days and there is no patch yet and hackers and scrapers could be stealing my passwords because I absolutely love the password manager in Firefox but I shouldn’t really use it because it has a hole and …. wait… wait… breathe deeply ….breathe. OK, in with the good air and out with the bad. I am calming down now. I trust Mozilla. They have a great track record of security. They will fix this and issue a patch. They will fix this and issue a patch. They will fix this and issue a patch…

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