Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

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Almost everyone loves free. Almost everyone hates paying several hundred dollars for Microsoft Office. Well, fellow bottomfeeders unite! Here are some Free alternatives to Microsoft Office:

  • ThinkFree – Each account gets 1GB online storage, document collaboration and more.
  • Glide – Slick Flash interface and lots of storage space. Plus, in my opinion, the leader in terms of online document security.
  • Google Docs – Good offering with easy to use interface.
  • Open Office – The best free competitor to Microsoft Office for use offline. Installs on your computer. Sometimes loses a little information when translating a Microsoft document. No macro support.
  • Zoho – Online documents are just one of the features they offer. Tons of productivity tools that are free with limitations.

I might have missed some, these are just the ones that I personally have used.

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