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New Windows Version Officially Named

Oct 26, 2008

After months of using the codename of Windows 7 for the “after Vista OS”, Microsoft officially announced that the name of the new version ...

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Yahoo OnePlace for Mobile Browsers

Mar 25, 2008

Yahoo is not sitting back waiting for the next bid from Microsoft.  They are launching new products and services. A new addition to the Yahoo Mobile ...

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Windows Vista SP1 – Microsoft Still Going Backwards

Feb 24, 2008

When is the last time you “upgraded” to the new and improved version of something and ended up with less functionality than you had with t...


Get $500 to Replace Counterfeit Software

Dec 18, 2007

Did you purchase your software from an illegal software vendor? If you did so unknowingly, by the time you realized it, you surely felt probably rippe...


Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Dec 8, 2007

Almost everyone loves free. Almost everyone hates paying several hundred dollars for Microsoft Office. Well, fellow bottomfeeders unite! Here are some...

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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Jul 23, 2007

If you use WordPress for your blogging software of choice, this post is for you. TipMonkies has posted a super list of WordPress keyboard shortcuts th...

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Lenovo Will Pre-load Microsoft’s Web Toolbar

Mar 14, 2007

Lenovo desktop computers and laptops will start showing up with the Web Toolbar from Microsoft pre-loaded. The two companies announced their deal yest...

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HP Says Not Quite to Linux Computers

Mar 14, 2007

Not quite ready for the masses. That is the general consensus among HP executives regarding computers pre-loaded with a Linux operating system and off...

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Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Vista

Mar 4, 2007

With so much hype about Vista, from its official launching to its Mac OSX-like GUI, you should be asking yourself these questions: Why should I upgrad...

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Microsoft Live OneCare™

Mar 3, 2007

Microsoft announced OneCare™ almost 2 years ago as a way for the average PC user to get a beefy all-in-one protection package that would keep th...

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Month of PHP Bugs

Mar 2, 2007

In the latest installment of “Month of (fill in software or computer language here) Bugs”, Stephan Esser is set to announce vulnerabilitie...

Software, Technology

Dell to Start Offering Linux Laptops and Desktops

Mar 1, 2007

After numerous requests from Linux geeks, Dell has heard the cries for an alternative OS to Windows. They have decided to make some Linux-certified la...


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