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Wouldn’t it be super-sweet if one day, somebody created a web site where. for FREE, you could upload an unlimited number of your files, they could be just about any type of file, all of these uploaded files would stay there forever and anyone you wished could download them for free?

To make it even better, wouldn’t it be awesome if no one would ever have to view an ad, a pop-up or get hit with any spam in order to use this free service?

O wait, even cooler, if you had a ton of pictures to share with your family and friends, it would be soooo hot if you could upload them and create your own online photo galleries.

div shareWell, saddle-up partner, that day is here. Behold – Div Share. These guys might not have the greatest business sense (they offer all of the above completely free 8O), but they have a great product.

We do a lot of work using huge CAD files. When we are ready for the client to review the CAD file, we upload it to our servers and email them a link so they can download and view. These files typically end up occupying a ton of space on our servers. Now, we can clog up Div Share’s servers if we want. Very nice!

Thanks to Rick at Lifehacker for sounding off about this!

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