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Fake Firefox Adobe Flash Player

Sep 4, 2009

Be careful downloading and installing anything from a source that you do not completely trust. There is a fake version of Adobe Flash player circulat...

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Microsoft Plans Stores To Tranform PC Buying

Feb 15, 2009

In an attempt to change their image as not being appealing directly to consumers, Microsoft plans to open up stores around the U.S. in an attempt to c...


Sony Recalls Vaio Laptops

Sep 6, 2008

Well, it has been a while since there was a significant laptop recall, but you knew it would happen again. Sony has issued a voluntary recall of 438,0...


Windows Vista Makes Big Strides

Aug 27, 2008

Last month, the VP of Windows Vista marketing Brad Brooks openly acknowledged that Microsoft has felt the pressure from the negative publicity surroun...

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Internet Security Suites

Aug 25, 2008

Most new computers these days come preloaded with some form of Internet Security, usually McAfee or, *gasp*, Norton.  These are usually in the form o...


Best Buy Will Sell iPhone

Aug 13, 2008

Best Buy is scheduled to start selling Apple’s iPhone on September 7.  This is huge for Best Buy because it makes them the first independent re...

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Centralized Storage for Your Business

Jun 2, 2008

So you have 2 PCs or maybe even 10 PCs in your business. Each person has their own files on their PCs and makes changes to those files when necess...

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Monthly Tech Support

May 15, 2008

As a part of the Crystal Coast Technologies Tech Support program we are now offering monthly tech support service to businesses both large and small. ...

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What exactly is Adware

May 1, 2008

To continue our journey into the land of annoying pop-ups and information stealing software, let’s talk about Adware. Adware is in the same group as...

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The Importance of Data Backups

May 1, 2008

These days almost any business large or small has some type of important electronic data that they rely on. Whether it be email, financial, or basic d...

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HP Desktop and Laptop Deals

Apr 21, 2008

HP puts out great products that cover almost any application you need, from the Home User, to Small Office all the way up to Enterprise applications. ...

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Top 10 Security Tips For Your Small Business

Apr 15, 2008

The funny thing about computer security these days is the general idea that it costs an arm and a leg to secure your business’s data. While it is po...


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