Google Apps an Alternative to Microsoft Office

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google appsMicrosoft Office is currently the industry standard as far as meeting the needs of business owners around the world. Google is attempting to change that. Google Apps is going business with added features through a premier bundle of Google Apps for a small annual fee of $50. Microsoft welcomes the competition as “keeping them on their toes” but could it potentially knock Microsoft off their feet instead?

Friendly competition is welcomed all around the world, however the underdogs are known to bite back and win occasionally. Google is hardly considered an underdog, but Google Apps is the underdog against Microsoft Office, the leading office software used in businesses worldwide. Google is aiming to change that with their Google Apps, which can start to pose a very real threat to Microsoft’s Office software very soon.

Currently being offered through Google, the free Google Apps is already being used in thousands of businesses around the world and is saving those businesses thousands of dollars and Microsoft Office startup discs. The main reason it is not being used by millions is due to the fact that it lacks certain features Microsoft does not, mainly the customer service (If a direct link to a foreign place counts as it) and capability. To fix this, Google is releasing a Premier bundle of Google Apps at a small annual fee of $50 that will break even if not break Microsoft Office.

Google Apps Premier Bundle is being packaged with a beefed up Email storage (10GB), better technical support (24/7) and new features such as being able to be integrated into any existing infrastructure through API (Application Programming Interfaces) for ease of use.

With Google Apps bringing all of the necessary office software, at a better price, and with better customer service, it poses a threat to Microsoft Office. Google claims they do not wish to compete with Microsoft, but only to offer consumers more options.

Microsoft leads the market because it is believed that they are the only option. With Google entering their field of play and showing consumers that there are in fact other choices (some even better) in the world of software then Microsoft could get knocked off their feet.

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