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Here we go again. It is that time of year when SEO geeks all over the world start getting giddy in anticipation of the upcoming Google Pagerank update.

We have posted on Google Pagerank before and what was said then still applies, so there is no point in rehashing. In fact, the only reason I am even mentioning pagerank now is due to a post I read on Dean Hunt’s site entitled Say No To Pagerank, Yes to Life.

Surely people have better things to do than spend hours in forums discussing a little green bar? Aren’t we all tired of this by now? We should just focus on improving our businesses and the rest will take care of itself.

Amen to that. Create some good content. Get some readers. Get some backlinks. Repeat that simple process. Pagerank takes care of itself.

Dean has also started a list of other webmasters who are concentrating on their businesses rather than pagerank:

If you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out Dean’s blog for all the details on how to do just that.

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