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I came across a really cool site today and wanted to do my part to spread the word. The site is called GuerrillaMail and they will automatically create a temporary e-mail address for you which will stay active for 15 minutes and doesn’t require you to enter a single shred of information.

guerrilla mailWe have all probably been to websites that require you to login before you are allowed access to certain content. You know the drill, you have to first supply a valid e-mail address. Then, they either send your login information to that email address or they send you a validation link on which you have to click so that they know you actually provided a “real” e-mail address.

After you go through this process, you are then granted access to the “hidden” content, which may or may not be worth all this effort. At any rate, they now have your email address and will proceed to flood you with all sorts of offers from third parties or those worthless newsletters which arrive every other day.

Well, the next time this situation arises, go to GuerrillaMail and get for a FREE e-mail address. The beauty of this arrangement is you get the automatically generated email address on the spot and then you automatically go to the inbox for that email address – no login required and no signup. No more creating a Yahoo! or Hotmail account just to serve as a junk email address.

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7 thoughts on “GuerrillaMail Temporary E-Mail Addresses

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  2. capturesteve

    This is cool, and interesting. Though i kind of like giving my real address to some sites for when i forget my password which happens a lot when i get use to my browser remembering me, then one day it forgets.

  3. cisco vpn software

    Its very intersting.I too heard something about it.GuerrillaMail is our disposable e-mail address (DEA) service that attempts to reduce the spam in our inbox.A timer at the bottom of the page tells you how long you have left of your 15 minutes. Not enough time? Don’t worry, you can actually request more time with your free email address.When new mail arrives you will see it listed in the middle of the page. Just click on the individual messages for a more detailed view.

  4. Alfred Jones

    Its really a interesting post about temporary email. i never ever come across this kind of temporary email while surfing, this is the first time. Any way Guerrilla Mail is asking for valid email address for registration, is this is a secured one to use our valid email for temporary email. well what i thought is that there are many chances is there to misuse our valid emails.

  5. Anthony

    Yes, it looks like it does the same type of thing as Guerrilla Mail. The interface is a little clunky. I also noticed that one has to accept the Terms before using. That made me wonder why Guerrilla Mail does not do that. Hmm.

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