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Opera Web Browser Version 10

Sep 1, 2009

Opera might be third in the Web Browser wars, but they put out a really good product. Version 10 is the best one yet.

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Internet Security Suites

Aug 25, 2008

Most new computers these days come preloaded with some form of Internet Security, usually McAfee or, *gasp*, Norton.  These are usually in the form o...

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Yahoo OnePlace for Mobile Browsers

Mar 25, 2008

Yahoo is not sitting back waiting for the next bid from Microsoft.  They are launching new products and services. A new addition to the Yahoo Mobile ...

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GuerrillaMail Temporary E-Mail Addresses

Sep 16, 2007

I came across a really cool site today and wanted to do my part to spread the word. The site is called GuerrillaMail and they will automatically creat...

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McAfee Offers Free Rootkit Detector

Jul 27, 2007

McAfee has released Rootkit Detective 1.0 to help uses detect and remove any pesky rootkits that may be running on their computers. Here are a few of ...

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NetBeans v5.5 Launched!

Feb 26, 2007

Yes! Netbeans version 5.5 has been released! InfoWorld names NetBeans “Best Java IDE Innovator” in 2007 Technology of the Year awards Personally, ...

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Ask Getting a Jump on Next Year

Dec 21, 2006

I guess Ask is tired of getting their ask kicked and so decided to setup something that will possibly compete better with the other SEs chasing Google...

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Use Skype and Get Paid

Dec 21, 2006

Bitwine has partnered up with Skype (free VoIP service through the end of this year – $14.95 per year thereafter) to offer the BitWine Taskbar S...

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Speed Up Firefox and IE

Dec 19, 2006

As if Firefox wasn’t fast enough :), Serge at webspeaker found a cool video that shows how to speed it up even more. If you use Firefox and want...

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Microsoft Process Monitor

Dec 6, 2006

Many of you have used the Regmon and Filemon utilities for Windows. We have used them for quite some time and like them. But now there is a new player...


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