Internet Explorer 7 Installations Reach 100 Million

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According to Tony Chor of Microsoft, on January 8, 2007, Internet Explorer was installed on its 100 millionth machine. Probably, if Mozilla forced asked people to install its browser, Firefox would have an even larger share of the Internet Browser pie.

At any rate, IE7 is the second most used web browser behind IE6. As expected, Chor believes IE7 usage will continue to increase as more people download it and after Vista is released (cough) on January 30, 2007 (it is part of the Vista package).

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, I think the numbers are somewhat misleading. If you are running Windows XP with automatic updates turned on, you automatically installed IE7. You did not really have an easy choice. Although, you can uninstall it and rollback to IE6 if you want.

Additionally, we installed IE7 on our machines, but that is only so we can test web designs in different browsers. Our browser of choice is still Mozilla Firefox, followed by Opera.

Don’t get me wrong, IE7 made a lot of progress, but it is only now reaching the level of customization and security that has already existed in Firefox and Opera. Additionally, Firefox has already released the Alpha version of Firefox 3, so they are certainly not sitting back.

If you want to check out Firefox, here is a link for all the details. If you are interested in Opera, click here. If you are interested in IE7, you are probably already running it and don’t need a link ;).

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4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 Installations Reach 100 Million

  1. Zigire

    Personally I use IE7.

    You wont have noticed the numerous sites popping up pages to non Mozilla users showing messages such as “UPDATE YOUR BROWSER TO MOZILLA. INTERNET EXPLORER IS UNSAFE” etc. – i.e. trying to make money from AdSense. yawn. – That is far more annoying and ‘out of order’ than an automatic update that actually IMPROVES your browsing experience, no? 😉

  2. Anthony

    Since I use FF, I had not noticed any of the popups about switching to Mozilla directed to non-FF users. For a site to do that is pretty tacky. But, anything for a buck these days, I guess.

    As I said, I do think IE7 made great strides. I just do not think they surpassed FF in terms of customization or security. The phishing filter, while a super idea, really slows things down, for example.

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