Leatherheads Movie Review OR How I Wasted an Hour

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My wife and I wanted to rent a movie and do the “home body” thing this past weekend, so Friday I went to our local video store to see what caught my eye.  We take turns selecting the movies and it was my turn.  The pressure was on.  My mouth was dry.

After wading through the TONS of movies out there, I was leaning toward a George Clooney movie: Leatherheads. My wife and I agree on most romantic comedies and with George Clooney and Rene Zellweger starring, surely this movie is going to be great!

I am also one of those people that scans the cover of the movie box to read the review snippets and there were two placed prominently on the cover to further convince me of the wise choice I was getting ready to make:

“Hilarious!” – Christina Vandre (KARE-TV)

“Clooney and Zellweger are comic gold.” – Kevin Steincross (Fox-TV)

Even though I had never heard of either of those two, I felt that surely they must be in the know when it comes to movies.  “They both work for TV stations”, I mused, “and TV stations are responsible for the things that display on people’s TV screens and movies are also shown on screens.”  The connection was obvious to me.

Selection in hand, I proceeded to the checkout.  In my world, things were moving perfectly.

Upon my arrival home, it became clear to me that my wife did not share my enthusiasm.  She was apprehensive about having to watch a “football” movie.  “But, honey”, I assured her, “two TV people said it was a score.  Look, right here on the cover.  Read that.”  I was confident that she could not deny my logic.  She was unimpressed.

Undaunted, I inserted the movie into the DVD player.  It was about that time that things fell apart.

Leatherheads could have been more entertaining were it made as a silent movie.  At least then there would be justification for keeping one’s eyes open and focused on the screen throughout as opposed to a) dozing off or b) reading the list of ingredients on the box of candy one was eating.

I have seen tomato plants that were more entertaining.

I cannot elaborate on the details of why this movie was a dud. Mainly because of these two reasons:

  1. I dozed off in parts.
  2. We turned it off halfway through, reasoning that we had already gambled and lost an hour of our lives and, since the movie was going to be 2 hours long, decided to not lose any more.

I can, however, tell you that a box of Good and Plenty candy has NO fat 🙂 but does have nearly 150 grams of carbohydrates, most of that being sugar 🙁 .

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One thought on “Leatherheads Movie Review OR How I Wasted an Hour

  1. Nutrideath

    I have to say that I am sorely disappointed. I also had seen the same box – the one with the comical picture with all the football guys wearing the funny old-style leather helmets and George Clooney with a black eye. I said to myself “Self, that is probably one funny movie.” Especially since I remember the movie trailer, where someone clobbers George in the face knocking him not just down, but first UP into the air off of his feet. And then of course down.
    Anyway, I had thought then “Any movie with George Clooney getting smacked that hard, and then displaying the (evidently) resulting shiner for the REST of the movie has GOT to be funny.” (Not that I have anything against George Clooney – I loved him in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”).
    It’s just that these movie trailers and boxes and advertisements and websites and whatnot ALL say the same thing: “This is a great movie. You don’t want to miss this one!” Except that last part probably sounds more like the old side-show huckster: “Ya don wanna miss thisun, mister! Step right up!”
    It’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf X about 30 million movies.
    Then again, I personally have not yet wasted an hour of my life on Leatherheads, so I appreciate the candid review hereabouts.

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