New Firefox Vulnerability Reported

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There has been a vulnerability found in the Firefox web browser that could allow a phishing web site [define Phishing] to appear authentic.

This but was posted by Michal Zalewski on Full Disclosure, a security mailing list . A phisher could potentially manipulate authentication cookies and that could cause a malicious web site to appear authentic to Firefox.

Since phishing attacks are so malicious, this is a pretty but vulnerability. Window Snyder is Mozilla’s security chief and says they will be addressing this flaw in Firefox version

Snyder said that Mozilla has not heard of any exploits but they are working a quickly as possible to fix it. Until they do, if you are a user of Firefox, be careful of where you surf and make sure that you have Firefox automatic updates turned on so you will be patched as soon as a fix is released.

Alternatively, you could use Opera for your web browser or Internet Explorer.

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3 thoughts on “New Firefox Vulnerability Reported

  1. Dawud Miracle

    I’m not so sure IE is a good alternative to Firefox if you’re looking to escape vulnerabilities. Opera, sure. As a matter of fact, I love Opera. I would highly recommend it.

  2. Anthony

    I agree Dawud. I would use Opera over IE any day :). Also, we removed the “nofollow” tag from comments, so you should get some “link-love” from this comment ;). Thanks for stopping by.

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